28 September 2016

Countdown to Yuri's Night: The Ultimate Space Music Collection, CD2009-6

It's the "ultimate" because this trip through music, space, and time keeps growing. More than 2,700 music tracks organized chronologically, spanning more than a century, plus voice clips from space missions and other historical events. More than 200 hours of musical exploration... and counting.

1 Star Trek - Star Trek Michael Giacchino 2009
2 Sleeping Satellite (unknown edit 1) Grooveshakers 2009
3 Moon Dust Reuben Gingrich 2009
4 Космос Space" Рокерджолер Rockerjoker 2009
5 Cylon March Sace 2009
6 Космический raй Cosmic Ray Сексуальная Лия Sexy Liya 2009
7 Martian Chronicles SFH 2009
8 To the Moon and Back (Клуб Raй Girl Voice Remix) Savage Garden 2009
9 Ares 1-X - Launch Mission Audio 2009
10 Fly Me to the Moon Shane Cox 2009
11 Космос (прелюд… и фуга d-moll И.С.Бах) Space Скрипичный проект-Династия Treble Project - Dynasty 2009
12 Лететь в открытый космос Fly Into Space Steel Deluxe + Andrian feat. Liana 2009
13 Into the Void Thou 2009
14 Sleeping Satellite (SCtarleeV.Dj Club Remix) Project A 2009
15 Космос Space Тимати Timothy 2009
16 Space Command March United States Air Force Academy Band 2009
17 Fly Me to the Moon Willie Nelson 2009
18 Star Trek - End Credits Michael Giacchino 2009

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