07 July 2009

Do You Think Thomas Gangale Has Ever Had Phone Sex?

Sonia J. Lee posed this question on Facebook yesterday, even going so far as to create a poll: "Do you think Thomas Gangale has ever had phone sex?" Like anyone should care! Anyway, my response was:

I've done far worse than that. I've had politics over the phone, and not only the receiver but the lines were slimy for days afterward. From now on, I'm wearing latex gloves.

I note with some interest that Sonia and I have a number of Facebook friends in common, some of them prominent members of the California Democratic Party. Here is a non-exclusive list, with whom I may or may not have had a phone conversation:

Alberto Torrico
Alex Gallardo-Rooker
Bill Lackemacher
Candi Easter
Christine Pelosi
Darrell Steinberg
David Greenwald
Dean Florez
Eric Bradley
Fiona Ma
George Miller
John Garamendi
John Vigna
Kamala D. Harris
Karen Bass
Mark Ridley-Thomas
Reginald Byron Jones-Sawyer
Steve Westly
Tom Ammiano
Tom Torlakson
Zak Ford

Whether phone numbers for some of these people may be found in public necessaries, I have not researched.
Do You Think Thomas Gangale Has Ever Had Phone Sex? (Part 2)