12 May 2015

Crusade, Jihad

Copyright © 2015 by Thomas Gangale

Crusade, jihad
We fight for One True God
We've shocked and awed
Where angels never trod
Higher powers
Command us to their will
Falling towers
Burn in our memories still
We'll kill
The heathen infidel

With swallowed fright
We close in for the fight
Who's wrong, what's right
Depends upon the light
From above us
In Heaven shining bright
Know God loves us
And grants to us the right
And might
To slaughter in His sight

Look sharp, don’t speak
Don’t turn the other cheek
For peace don’t seek
Earth won’t go to the meek
An old man’s foolish dream
Bequeathed to you the gleam
And scream
Of murderous machines

Our crimes of creed
Committed at Godspeed
This Hell we breed
Makes even Satan plead
Take me back, Lord
I'll serve on bended knee
Have the last word
As long as I can't see
The free
Take vengeance with such glee

The trumpets sound
Blood floods this hallowed ground
Someday we're bound
To reach some common ground
Till that morrow
We'll wage our holy wars
Sowing sorrow
And hatred evermore
Damned sure!
What else can faith be for?

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